Meet Your Allegiant Team: Lynda Franklin

Lynda FranklinIt’s hard to believe but July 25th was my 10-year anniversary with Allegiant Private Advisors, an accomplishment I’m blessed and proud to reach.  I look forward to celebrating many more years.

I am one of three APA team members who was born and raised in Sarasota. You’ll probably find out who the others are when they write their bio a little later, I’m sure!  I also share the same birthday as another team member; not the same year, though. Unfortunately, I’m old enough to be their mother!

I grew up during a quieter, less populated time in Sarasota with no idea what ‘little Sarasota’ would become.  I used to ride my horse along McIntosh when it was a dirt road.  As a matter of fact, our horses were stabled at a pasture off Bahia Vista that is now a subdivision I reside in.  In the 70s, I rode western saddle and competed professionally in the Central Florida Horseman’s Association circuit for a year on a beautiful dun (buckskin) quarter horse our family owned named Taffy. Along with approximately 100 trophies and ribbons I won that year I also won Champion in Western Pleasure and Reserve Champion in Western Horsemanship.  It was an incredible experience I cherish. 

After graduating from Sarasota High School, I attended an accounting class at what is now called Suncoast Technical College, thinking I was going to become an accountant. I was working at the courthouse as a felony division clerk at that time and became interested in law, so I took a paralegal class at MCC, now State College of Florida. However, life had a different path in mind for me.  So over the years, though I’ve done many things, the professional field and people-facing jobs have been my calling. 

I moved away in the mid 80s and saw a lot of small town America in the Midwest and east coast states where my ex-husband built golf courses.  However, I found my way back in 1992 when Sarasota was bigger, but still not the mecca it is becoming today.  There was a big speed boat community that I was fortunate to be a part of, when the Quay was the place to be, and spent most weekends at the wonderful restaurants, bars and beaches via boat.  It was an exciting time, but the best part was meeting and later marrying my wonderful husband, Bill, 15 years ago this November.  I am also blessed to still have my parents in town, who are still active at ages 88 and 89.

When the economy took a down turn 10 years ago I found myself unemployed.  My husband found the executive assistant ad for Allegiant and the rest, as they say, is history.  I was the fortunate one out of over 125 applicants to get the position at this incredible company with the fantastic group that makes up Allegiant Private Advisors.  My nickname in the office is Mom for various reasons, and other than perhaps the age connotation, I do look after my office ‘kids’ and am so proud to be a part of such an intelligent, caring, compassionate group of individuals.  And I feel the same about the clients.  You truly are like family and I’m here to help, and listen, to both the good and bad in your lives, always. So, please, do fill me in when you call!