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Considering Your Return on Investment for Tickets to “The Big Game”

Last year a friend came to me with an unconventional "investment" question. Having won tickets to "The Big Game" through a fundraiser, they were presented with the opportunity to sell the tickets at quite a premium.

They could have immediately turned a $100 contribution into $10,000 in earnings. 

But I didn't reply with a "yes" or "no" when he asked me for advice about the situation. I responded with several questions: "Do you want to go to football's famed Big Game? What would that experience mean to you?" 

And then I listened.

The following conversation was rooted in stories about how sports had always been a passion of my friend's family for generations. Shared experiences attending a variety of sporting events were obviously wonderful memories for him. He went on to share details about his father's recent health scare and a potentially challenging diagnosis. He explained that going to the Big Game had always been a dream, for himself as well as his father.

So the answer was obvious. I told him to enjoy the game and all its grandeur. Looking back, it's among the best advice I provided last year.

The 2020 match-up between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers was a spectacular game, surrounded by festivities and fanfare football enthusiasts live for. However, due to the high price of tickets, most fans never have the opportunity to witness football's championship game first-hand. My friend and his father were there, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens on February 2, 2020. And as I understand it, just before kick-off, his dad turned to him and said, "Thanks for NOT selling these tickets. I'm so glad we're here."

Last year at this time, we were aware of the novel coronavirus in China. However, we certainly couldn't have predicted how the pandemic would unfold and impact nearly every aspect of life. As we approach this season's Big Game, the world is operating quite differently.

The Allegiant team has guided our clients through a multitude of challenges in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. We've served as a thinking partner, helping clients pivot business operations, explore new investment opportunities, and allocate funds for shifting priorities.

We've helped clients focus on what they/we can control so that they remain and feel in charge of life – rather than held victim to the strange circumstances we're all navigating today. If something will bring you joy today, let's talk about how we can work in the new or changing opportunity that will bring you gratification.

Perhaps you never wanted a large home, but now need additional space for a home office or a family member who will be moving out of a long-term care facility to stay with you. We can help you define a renovation budget to make these changes possible—or start evaluating a potential move, if you wish.

We know many clients had "bucket list" trips planned years in advance which were postponed over the past 12 months. Whenever the time is right for you, let's figure out a way to fulfill your wanderlust or curiosity about a culture. It might be a great time to reconsider actively boating locally for now. Maybe there's a local experience focused on your dream destination available, or perhaps considering private travel is something that's on the table when we reevaluate resources and priorities.

The saying goes, "The only guarantees in life are death and taxes." Unfortunately, the pandemic has served as a stark reminder of our mortality and taxes must still be filed. Maintenance issues will inevitably arise, our health will change over time as we all navigate healthcare concerns or chronic conditions, and unfortunately, those we love will never live forever. So if something will bring you joy, satisfaction and fulfillment, let's figure out a way you can do it. Let us help you give yourself and your family something to look forward to, to enjoy "today" as we continue to focus on your long-term success as well.

If your circumstances or priorities have shifted, let's be sure to catch up. Remember that part of our job is making sure you have the resources to prioritize whatever matters most to you. It might sound cliché, but even when presented with an overnight 9900% return on investment, sometimes you may want – and we may guide you – to the experiences in life which are truly priceless.

For my friend's family, the return on the experience was much greater than the return on the potential "investment' of selling those coveted tickets. Whatever new choices or challenges you are navigating, please reach out. We're here to listen.

Carl A. Watkins CFP
Principal, Director of Financial Planning

Allegiant Private Advisors is not an official Sponsor of the NFL. 

Personally, Carl is a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan so please join us in wishing the home team good luck this weekend!

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