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Important Reminders about Cyber Security

As Allegiant Advisors continue to serve as your advocate, helping to guide you and your financial plan, it's always imperative to protect your personal information from security risks.

We have received reports of an uptick in attempted fraudulent transactions so now is a great time to revisit these important recommendations and steps you can take to protect your financial and personal data.

  • On your cell phone: Try not to answer calls from unknown callers. If you do answer the phone and there is an unexpected caller describing an "urgent" situation, especially one that requires money or access to your computer to fix, hang up as soon as possible. Calls from people claiming to be from the IRS, computer support, or banks are the most common. Be extremely cautious if you receive a call and do not share or verify any personal information over the phone. These calls can often sound scary or confusing, so please feel free to call our office should you receive one. Similarly, if you receive a text message from an unknown number, do not click on any link or reply to the message. 

  • On your computer: Do not allow anyone to virtually access your computer to update or fix it, unless you've made a known request to do so. Never allow a third party, including a computer technician, to know where you bank, or to access your banking website for any reason. 

  • In your email and on social media: Enable multifactor authentication for access to your email and social media profiles. Do not click on any unknown links. Hover over any hyperlinks to verify the URLs prior to clicking on known links. Be extremely cautious about requests for money, gift cards, and other forms of financial support. Even if you know the requestor, remember that many profiles and emails get hacked so the "sender" may very well not be your friend or family member. When in doubt, pick up the phone and call the person. 

  • Connecting to the internet: Do not access personal information such as banking and financial sites on public wi-fi. Turn off your Bluetooth app when it is not being used. Only download phone applications (apps) from trusted sources. Utilize passwords that are unique and include a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters for each website.

Should you accidently fall victim to an information security crime, please report it to the police and contact the Allegiant team as soon as possible.

All of us at Allegiant take your financial security extremely seriously. Please continue to utilize our team as a resource for all aspects of your financial life. We would be happy to discuss this topic in more detail at any time. 

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