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Important Tax Implications to Your Financial Plan

by Michelle Cross, CFP®, CPA, CDFA®, AIF®
Wealth Advisor

At Allegiant Private Advisors, we focus on comprehensive, fully customized wealth management. One key aspect that is relevant to
all of our clients is the careful evaluation of tax implications during the financial planning process. 

Our intellectually curious team is full of life-long learners focused on possessing specialized knowledge and technical skills which best serve our client families. Among the industry designations that I have earned personally, I'm licensed as a Certified Public Accountant. I mention this detail because, while I do not currently work as a tax preparer or practice accounting, I still love implementing tax alpha strategies for clients. 

As a Wealth Advisor, my work with Allegiant clients focuses on evaluating the tax implications of numerous strategies as we design your individualized financial plan. By deploying tax strategies guided by our Wealth Advisors, close coordination with your CPA, and our approach which builds tax management into your investment plan, the Allegiant team seeks to achieve "tax alpha." This means we carefully consider the value added to your financial plan by optimizing wise tax strategies.

We proudly speak "CPA" at Allegiant. Since the firm's earliest days operating under the name "Kerkering Barberio Financial Services," we have liaised closely with our colleagues at
Kerkering Barberio & Co, Certified Public Accountants, in addition to any tax advisor of our clients' choosing as we continue to operate as independent and fiduciary financial advisors. We work closely with our clients' accountants to invest in a tax-sensitive manner, deliver estimates of taxable income, capital gains, and end-of-year summaries. We know that over time taxes can significantly erode investment returns so we proactively work with each client to ensure their customized portfolio is managed in a tax-efficient manner.

Bottom line: we care only about you and
your bottom line. We have only your best interests in mind as we guide you and your hard-earned wealth.

As we continue to assist you and your tax consultant(s), this is an important time to regroup about immediate or future strategies to consider. The IRS has postponed the 2020 tax filing deadline for individuals to May 17, 2021, but we're still in the midst of a busy tax season and estimated tax payments for those who make quarterly payments are still due April 15, 2021.

As much experience and in-depth knowledge as our team has to offer, of course, we do not have a crystal ball. We are continuing to explore and implement planning ideas on behalf of our clients as discussion continues about the potential for future tax rate increases. Please reach out to your Wealth Advisor to discuss these tactics in detail.

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