Helen M. Raymond

Senior Operations Specialist

Helen joined Allegiant Private Advisors in 2005. She is responsible for processing money transfers, new account setup, account maintenance, and handling client questions with the highest quality of service. In addition, Helen is the firm’s expert for online access and technical support. Originally from Massachusetts, she was a life insurance underwriter at John Hancock and later served fifteen years overseeing the annuity/life insurance customer service and training departments at Fidelity Investments Life Insurance Co. Helen has her Bachelor’s degree from Springfield College.

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Without fail, every year brings new challenges and opportunities. As investors we are keenly aware of continually changing dynamics and how they impact markets, economics, and our lives. However, 2020 brought a rare level of change. As we reflect on ...
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I later found myself back in Massachusetts raising my wonderful son, now as a single mother. I was fortunate to get my original job back as an underwriter and then I moved to the newly-formed Fidelity Investments Life Insurance Co. My claim to fame t...

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