Chairman's Message

Our Commitment

Allegiant Private Advisors’ place among the region’s most trusted financial advisors has been achieved by providing unparalleled customer service, financial advice, and investment management. Each client receives a “Client Bill of Rights” that pledges our high service standards in writing. We maintain a very high staff-to-client ratio, form strategic advisory teams with our clients’ attorneys and accountants, help families communicate with each other on difficult issues (e.g., estate planning, health care, long-term goals, and personal accountability); and we are great team players when it comes to putting together sophisticated, multidisciplinary planning strategies. This process enables us to always support our clients with calm, reliable, and proactive advice. We promptly respond to every call and email, assure that appointments are always available, cultivate a friendly atmosphere that is welcoming and inviting, and offer comprehensive support. No request is too small, and we work hard to guarantee that every client receives the same detailed, concierge-like service. And this is not something we reserve for clients: we treat our employees like family, too.

Our Process

Think of your financial plan as a road map that constantly evolves with you—and presents you with all of the possible paths you can take. You are the driver; Allegiant is your navigator. Our task is to ensure that your plan remains current every step of the way. We accomplish this via planning sessions (i.e., formal reviews that delve deeply into each area of your plan, as well as less-formal, high-level discussions). During this process, we serve as an objective sounding board; create a safe place for you to voice your goals, concerns, and aspirations; and discover the little things that make your life richer and more fulfilling. Only then can we craft and implement a sophisticated plan designed to help you reach your goals. Allegiant wants you to feel great about your financial security, achieve wonderful things in life, and live as large as you want to live.

Our Mission

As independent, fee-based, financial advisors, Allegiant manages all assets as fiduciaries, and does not collect commissions on any of our managed investment accounts. Instead, we do all of our own research, which we often share in the form of monthly macroeconomic reports, white papers, and security-level research. In fact, we’re one of the few wealth management boutique firms in the region that has made this level of commitment to independent, proprietary research. In addition, we have long-standing relationships with independent CPA firms to ensure that our clients get the best integrated financial expertise possible.

After all, we all need someone objective in our lives, someone who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and specialized in ways that matter. We value people who are consistently there for us and capable of providing sound advice. This is the role that Allegiant serves in our clients’ lives. We look forward to welcoming you into our family and earning our place in yours - by providing you with exceptional service year after year. At Allegiant, you will experience the difference that experience can make.

Our History

In 1997, our firm was founded by the partners of Kerkering Barberio, CPA, PA, one of the country's largest independent professional accounting firms. A year later, Martin J. Kossoff took over as President after a successful career at Wells Fargo Private Bank in San Francisco. He formally launched Kerkering Barberio Financial Services (KBFS) in 1998 as an independent, fee-based wealth management and advisory firm. Over nearly two decades, our firm has been focused on customer service; independent, fiduciary-level financial advising; and a steadfast desire to be the region’s most trusted financial advisory firm. By serving clients needs and working in their best interest,, attaining an almost impossibly high degree of operational excellence, and providing concierge-like customer service, Allegiant has grown into the multifaceted, comprehensive wealth management firm it is today. In 2015, we honored our unique focus of working with other independent accounting firms and rebranded as Allegiant Private Advisors.

Client Bill of Rights

It is our mission to deliver outstanding client service at all times. Here’s what you have a right to demand and expect from us:

  1. Your overall success is our first priority and the primary basis upon which we will evaluate our own performance. We will know your financial situation and goals, and no one will be more dedicated to your success.
  2. Your account will receive customized advice, not boilerplate packages created by mass marketing financial firms.
  3. Our advice to you will always be in your best interest. If there is ever a conflict of interest with anything we recommend, we will disclose this to you and discuss all your other possible choices. We take our fiduciary responsibility to you seriously, and are proud of it.
  4. We will always remain independent, having no proprietary products, in order to best recommend a broad range of products that are suitable to you, the client.
  5. You will receive monthly statements when there is activity in the account, and in addition, advisory performance reports will be produced every quarter.
  6. You are invited to meet with us as often as you like.
  7. You will have daily access to your account on-line, where you can see trading activity, gains and losses, asset allocation reports, and have access to research.
  8. Your phone calls will be returned the same business day in every possible instance, but no later than the next business day in every case.
  9. We will always follow up on any service issues to ensure your satisfaction. We will always be interested in hearing your feedback about our service and will respond to any issues you may have.
  10. You can and should call us at any time for anything concerning your financial welfare. Whether you need to talk about general economic matters or need advice about personal matters, you can depend on us.
  11. Your confidentiality will be strictly maintained at all times.